Letter from the Director

Our Vision

Our goal is to champion career success through affordable, in-demand and accessible skills development. We do this by ensuring that our curriculum is both current and meeting industry standards as well as by ensuring that our education is available to as many students as possible as often as needed. By providing education in this manner we hope to improve the lives of the people, families and communities in which we live.

A College for Kelowna’s Residents

Does Kelowna really need another college? YES! When students are unable to take courses because of wait-lists or because of expensive tuition, it leaves those students without the training they need for employment and it leaves employers without qualified applicants for employment! Career City College provides courses that are in-demand and offers them at some of the most affordable rates in Kelowna!

Career City College provides courses that are in-demand and offers them at some of the most affordable rates in Kelowna!

- Raj Mathew

What about individuals that can’t quit their jobs to take training or have kids to take care of? Career City College runs their in-demand courses at more flexible times than any other college. With classes that start every week, and that are available during AM, PM, Evening, and Weekend timeslots for on campus learning as well as Online learning, we are able to help anyone get the training they want!

When you think of your most memorable class, 90% of the time, it was because of a great instructor. At Career City College we have taken the time to put together the most qualified and caring instructional team. With over 100 years of cumulative teaching experience, being active instructors at other institutions, and having a genuine desire to see students learn and succeed, our instructors are second to none.

We have a genuine desire to see students learn and succeed.

- Raj Mathew

Tired of trying to learn in a class of 30? Our curriculum is designed to foster a One-on-One teacher to student ratio! With individual attention and a curriculum that is self-paced, no students are left behind, and no student held back! This thorough learning results in more capable and employable graduates. This is learning in the 21st century and this is how we facilitate learning at Career City College.

Helping the Community

Aside from working with and for our students, we also are always looking to find people and companies in the community with whom we can partner with. Whether it is support with fundraising, advertising to our student base, or providing corporate training, we are always looking to find new ways of supporting our community partners! We are also willing to customize our courses for our community partners or even design courses from scratch for their individual business needs. Lastly we are also always looking for places where we can send out graduates not only for employment but also for unpaid-work experience opportunities. This helps our graduates get experience and allows our community partners to benefit from some qualified and free skilled labour.

It is no wonder that during our Grand Opening, in the presence of many local business owners, representatives from government organizations and many city councilors, that Kelowna’s Deputy Mayor, Maxine DeHart spoke highly of Career City College for providing a much needed service to the community. “It’s really great to have you here!” she stated during her address. …and to all the residents and businesses in Kelowna, we are happy to be here.

More Information

Currently Career City College offers many I.T., Business, HR, Accounting, and Trades programs including but not limited to the following:
· Business Management Diploma – Accounting Specialization
· Business Management Diploma- Human Resources Specialization
· Medical Office Assistant Diploma
· Accounting & Bookkeeping Certificate
· Office Manager Certificate
· And more!

If you would like further information or have any questions for us, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. You can reach us via phone (250-317-2222), via email (info@careercitycollege.ca), or on Facebook and Twitter (@StartWithCCC).

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