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“I am hired by a very popular accounting firm and into the training and already starting my new career. So I’m very grateful for the experience that I had at Career City College. It’s completely changed and turned my life around already in less than a year.”

Shelley Moore

Awesome staff! Very good education structure. It was worth it.

Julia Harms

The experience with Career City College was so positive and beneficial for my career path.

Jolene Webb

The instructors went above and beyond to help me during my journey.

Jacira Rocha Fortes

By far one of the best experiences while being educated.

William May

It has been super convenient to be able to have well structured courses that have made studying and learning online and from home a breeze.

Sisko Stewart

“Career City College has helped me to build my career path as a newcomer to Canada. I was struggling to join the workforce because I don’t have the experience that the employers are looking for. But by joining the college, I have acquired the necessary skills that enables me to join the workforce.”

Adiam Kidane

The instructors are informative, helpful, and very quick to respond if you ever have a concern or a question that needs to be answered.

Jessica James

It is such a positive, encouraging environment.

Emkay Kolsto

Great school, especially for mature students who are working part-time or have families.”

Bailey Riza

I was reassured along the way and the teachers were very helpful.

Akeem Stewart

This had the most real life application within the course. Great work equipping students to enter the workforce!

Bailey Wiebe

“I learned about the software that is needed to complete bookkeeping and accounting duties at home or in the office. There’s a lot of competition for the job positions I’m interested in, but I feel confident that I can tackle and be valuable to the positions I am trained for. Thank you so much.”

Beverly Moan

Highly recommend Career City College.

Deyana Angelova

I found the courses very relevant in my job. It was an investment I was happy I made.

SaintPeter Ori

You work on your own time and create your own schedule. Would recommend!

Monique Carignan

The career adviser is absolutely amazing and very fast in responding to emails.

Sabine W.

Absolutely will be using Career City College again for my second diploma!

Kayla Powers

I enjoyed the interactive approach. Instruction was clear and very user friendly

Chelsey Roller

“I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a recipient of the accounting & bookkeeping certification program. It means a lot to me and my family. May you continue to help other people that need your assistance. Again, thank you very much.”

Marivic Cion Baguio

Teachers were very helpful and so understanding.

Shayley McKee

I can't thank you guys enough on the skills I now have in my industry of business.

Aaron Husak

I would recommend this school if you’re looking to upgrade your skills.

Diana Padrigo Thambiaiah

The instructors were amazing and the course material was great.

Brittany Spooner

From the first initial phone call to my enrolment and the final call, I never felt alone on my journey. It was a positive and empowering experience

Rosa Selig

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How much is tuition?
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What are my career prospects?

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