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Kickstart or advance your career by joining our online bookkeeping course in Canada. This program covers the entire bookkeeping cycle, ensuring you learn to manage accounts receivable, prepare financial statements, and master the accounting cycle. You will learn to navigate and utilize leading accounting software tools like QuickBooks and Sage.

Through our course, designed to meet the needs of small business owners and large business organizations, you will acquire the skills necessary to become a certified professional bookkeeper. The curriculum includes a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, from understanding the basics of double-entry bookkeeping to applying complex accounting equations in real-world scenarios.

This program is your gateway to a successful career as a bookkeeper. It offers you the knowledge and skills to excel in the business environment and prepares you for employment opportunities in Canada.

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How much is tuition?
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What are my career prospects?
How much is tuition?
When does the program start?
Am I eligible for financial aid?
What are my career prospects?

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You enjoy working with numbers
You are highly organized
You are a good problem solver
You act with honesty and integrity

Accounting & Bookkeeping Certificate Career Outcomes

Average Wage (Canada: 2021-2022)


Number of Job Openings (Canada: 2022-2031)


Source: Job Bank of Canada

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Course Overview

✔ Gain confidence by learning and applying accounting fundamentals

✔ Learn how to operate Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook

✔ Understand how to use QuickBooks effectively

✔ Supplement your skill set with Sage training

✔ Learn how to create and modify accounting records

✔ Enter, report, and adjust business transactions

✔ Understand a full year’s business cycle

✔ Become well-versed in Canadian Payroll


  • BMD110 – Word Processing Core

Learn the essentials of word processing with Microsoft Word. Gain proficiency in crafting and refining complex documents, a fundamental skill for any business environment.

  • BMD120 – Spreadsheets

    Master the art of spreadsheet management with Microsoft Excel. This course teaches you to create and manipulate spreadsheets efficiently, a crucial skill for analyzing financial transactions and preparing financial statements.

  • BMD150 – Email, Scheduling, & Calendars

    Learn to navigate essential communication tools like email and Microsoft Outlook. This course enhances your ability to manage emails, schedules, and tasks, allowing you to streamline your workflow and improve organizational efficiency.

  • BMD305 – Accounting Fundamentals Core

    Build a solid foundation in bookkeeping and accounting. This course covers the accounting cycle, from transaction analysis to the preparation of financial statements, emphasizing the double-entry bookkeeping system and the accounting equation.

  • BMD315 – Accounting Fundamentals Advanced

    Advance your understanding of accounting principles. Dive deeper into bookkeeping practices, explore management accounting, and prepare for more complex financial scenarios, reinforcing the skills needed to maintain accurate accounting records.

  • BMD330 – Sage Accounting Core

    Step into the world of Sage 50 Premium Accounting. Learn the essentials of navigating this popular accounting software to manage the general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll, vital skills for modern bookkeeping services.

  • BMD335 – Sage Accounting Advanced

    Expand your Sage 50 expertise, exploring advanced features for managing receivables, payables, inventory, and payroll. This course builds on your core knowledge, preparing you for comprehensive bookkeeping tasks in a dynamic business setting.

  • BMD220 – QuickBooks Core

    Begin your journey with QuickBooks, where students learn to set up a company and handle daily accounting tasks. This course is essential for those looking to employ QuickBooks accounting software to streamline bookkeeping processes and financial data management.

  • BMD325 – QuickBooks Advanced

    Elevate your QuickBooks skills, focusing on its advanced capabilities. Learn to manage complex accounts and payroll systems, a crucial skill for providing detailed bookkeeping services and preparing accurate financial statements.

  • BMD350 – Canadian Payroll

    Understand the fundamentals of Canadian payroll, covering essential calculation methods and applications for manual and online payroll systems. This course equips you with the skills needed for accurate payroll management, a critical bookkeeping aspect.

  • GEN200 – Job Search and Career Planning

    Equip yourself with the latest job search strategies and career planning techniques. From crafting your professional brand to arranging interviews, you’ll learn to navigate the job market, an essential skill for launching a successful career in bookkeeping or any professional field.


  • ✔ Applicants must have completed grade 12 or equivalent or have mature student status (at least 19 years old). Applicants whose primary language is not English must also achieve a minimum of 60% on the CCC language assessment before enrolling. Program admission requirements may not be waived by the student or the institution.

Job Opportunities

Enrolling in our online bookkeeping courses will open doors to various career opportunities in accounting and bookkeeping. Here are some of the roles you can pursue:

  • Accounting Bookkeeper: Become a certified professional bookkeeper recognized for your expertise in bookkeeping practices and financial accounting.
  • Accounting Technician: Apply your understanding of accounting fundamentals and software to support business operations.
  • Bookkeeping Professional: Utilize your knowledge of the entire bookkeeping cycle and accounts to efficiently manage and oversee a company’s financial records.
  • Bookkeeping Clerk: Specializes in data entry and the management of financial transactions, ensuring accuracy in the general ledger and general journal.
  • Budget Officer: Prepare financial statements and manage the allocation of funds within an organization.
  • Payroll Specialist: Manage payroll accounts and ensure employees are paid accurately and on time with your specialized payroll knowledge. 
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk: Focus on managing incoming payments, ensuring that sales invoices are paid and accounts are up-to-date.
  • Accounts Payable Clerk: Handle outgoing payments, verifies expense reports, and ensures that all payments are made promptly and accurately.
  • Finance Officer: Oversee the financial health of an organization, applying principles of financial accounting to make informed decisions.

Source: Government of Canada

Young woman working on notepad

Program Tuition

Our Accounting & Bookkeeping Certificate program is available for the following price.

Domestic Student

$8,990.00 (including GST)

International Student

$15,834.00 (including GST)

Please visit our finance page to learn more about the many options that can help fund your education.

Ready To Start Your Career In Accounting & Bookkeeping?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, all of Career City College’s programs are available online.

Yes, we have a dedicated FAO team to help guide students on their financial needs. Our Career Advisors will also assist you in discovering what scholarships may be available to you based on your circumstances. Please note that financial assistance is available for students that qualify. To determine your eligibility, please contact our Admissions Department.

At Career City College, we prepare our students for successful careers through hands-on training, an industry-aligned curriculum, and real-world experience. Our instructors are industry professionals, and our programs are designed with input from industry experts to ensure our graduates have the skills and knowledge employers are looking for. We also offer one-on-one career services to help students with job search strategies, resume writing, and interview skills.
At Career City College, you’ll experience several benefits that set us apart from other colleges. You can learn from anywhere in Canada with our online courses, providing flexibility and convenience. Our one-on-one instructional sessions with your teachers ensure you receive personalized attention, and our monthly program start dates allow you to begin studying when you’re ready. In addition, our program courses equip you with essential job-preparedness skills, and we offer assistance in finding financial aid and payment options (if eligible). Finally, our accelerated programs focus on the essentials, helping you enter the workforce faster.
Certainly! Career City College’s online programs let you learn from anywhere in Canada, allowing you to study at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Yes, this program is structured for self-paced learning. However, you must adhere to the set timeline to complete the program on time. If you have any questions or need to catch up on your studies, our teachers will assist you.

Yes, you’ll need a computer to access the online courses. Additional materials are also necessary to complete the course. Please fill out the request info form to receive a comprehensive list from one of our team members.

The exact cost of the certificate can be obtained by contacting us. Please fill out the request info form, and a Career Advisor will discuss the program’s tuition details with you.

Student Success Stories

Jolene Webb

The experience with Career City College was so positive and beneficial for my career path. The course structure and access process was excellent and I truly appreciated all the information and content offered. At first I was hesitant if I could complete the courses in the allotted time but once I started the worry subsided and the process was very attainable. The staff and instructors were all very helpful and only a phone call or email away. The entire process was very positive and fulfilling. Thank you Career City College for being part of my successful career path.

Beverly Moan

This was an amazing experience. I learned how to make software work for me. I learned a lot more than just your basic bookkeeping and accounting. It was easy to contact the instructors and their responses helped me with my problems many times. Thanks Kim!! The videos were amazing and I gained alot of knowledge from watching them. Thank you.

Minoo Lavaee

Thank you from Career City College, and I am so glad I chose this college to learn accounting and bookkeeping. All the processes from the beginning to the end, from registration to graduation, were excellent. The professors and their constant companionship are admirable and praiseworthy. Moreover, I have completed my course with a feeling of peace. I wish you the best.

Sisko Stewart

I have really enjoyed my studies with Career City College. It has been super convenient to be able to have well structured courses that have made studying and learning online and from home a breeze. The instructors are all extremely friendly and always reply with good help and patience in a very timely matter. The layout of platforms to work from is very organized and easy to use. I would recommend Career City College to anyone who wants to get through studies online with great teachers and student services at your side.

Cherique Babel Camay

I have had a great time learning during the past 6 months. The instructors are very helpful and you can easily get hold of them when you need them during class hours. The lessons are sometimes complicated but it is just a part of the challenge. All in all, I learned a lot and I am proud that Career City College was the school that I had chosen when I took my course.

Rosa Selig

My overall experience with CCC was much more than I could have envisioned. When I made the decision to further upgrade my education, it was with much thought, research and consideration-but then I had to choose the right school to help me achieve my goal. From the first initial phone call to my enrolment and the final call, I never felt alone on my journey. It was without saying, a positive and empowering experience. Thank you CCC for the support, and step-by-step assistance provided to me from day one-I couldn’t have done it without you!

Carol Archie

The service provided by the whole team at CCC was AMAZING!! The welcoming atmosphere and the support provided was what helped me to keep pushing myself to complete my program. Especially through these every trying times. Great job CCC 😊👍 Thank you CCC for the support, and step-by-step assistance provided to me from day one-I couldn’t have done it without you!

Kenny Myers

As an immigrant, this was my first introduction to the Canadian school/continuing education system. I made the best choice in choosing City Career College. I can say enough about the program. However, the real rockstars for me were the staff member I interacted with. Carrie and Donna, redefined the meaning of above and beyond. Always courteous, prompt and willing. They made a major difference for me. They were the catalysts for my success.

Stephanie Saccucci

Very happy that I chose Career City College for upgrading my schooling in a course that was specific to acquiring my goals in the workplace. The learning platforms were easy to operate and if I needed help they were only one email/call away.

Karla MacLennan

I had an amazing experience with the school and staff. I have learned more than I had expected to which will help me in my future endeavours. I’m very thankful I had such an amazing teacher throughout the whole course. When I needed a little push she was always able to give me one. My husband and I were starting our own small business and I was not sure where to start. This course gave me the confidence and knowledge that I needed.

Jessica James

I highly recommend Career City College. The instructors are informative, helpful, and very quick to respond if you ever have a concern or a question that needs to be answered. The courses are outlined clearly on the tasks that need to be completed. The information provided helped me grow and learn new things that will help me in my career search. Thank you to Career City College for pushing me and thank you to all the wonderful instructors and staff that helped me along the way! Just an overall positive experience!

William May

Great staff, informative course material, this has been one of the most important moments in my re-education. Thanks to all that helped me directly and indirectly. I recommend this college for the great teaching from step one to the final step. Staff always helped when stuck or unsure of the steps to be taken. By far one of the best experiences while being educated. Thanks again to everyone! Keep up the exceptional work!

Jacira Rocha Fortes

I just finished my Accounting & Bookkeeping course at Career City College. This was the best decision I have ever made. Great program!!! The instructors (specially Phillip Allums and Kerresa Wright) went above and beyond to help me during my journey, replying to my e-mails on time and calling regularly to follow up with my studies and keep me motivated. If you want to invest in your future, Career City College is the way to go. It is definitely worth every cent!!! Thank you instructors and staff!!!

Bailey Riza

Great school especially for mature students who are working part time or have families. You can work at your pace and set your schedule. The instructors were easy to work with and the quality of the education was good as well.

Monique Carignan

Friendly staff. Really good program if you are working as well as wanting to take courses. you work on your own time and create your own schedule. would recommend!

Shayley McKee

Teachers were very helpful and so understanding. I had a rough year in my personal life & my teachers never gave up on me.

Emkay Kolsto

Wonderful courses. Staff are very friendly and always willing to help if you are ever unsure or stuck in an area. Lots of tools provided to help you. I always had questions, and the teachers responded quickly and provided documents to help you practice as well as understand the materials more. It is also such a positive, encouraging environment. Had a really pleasant time doing studies here.

Akeem Stewart

I started looking at online accounting courses and I found Career City College. My experience with the course was great. I was reassured along the way and the teachers were very helpful.. I am very pleased with the school and course and my overall experience!

SaintPeter Ori

Friendly and helpful staff. The courses are customized to meet the demands in the labour market. I found the courses very relevant in my job. It was an investment I was happy I made.

Brittany Spooner

I had a great experience with Career City College. The instructors were amazing and the course material was great.

Michael Loewen

Great instructors and staff. Great program!

Sabine W.

Very friendly staff and teachers! I went through a couple staff changes that slowed my studies down a bit, but this is not worth taking a star away from my rating. The career adviser is absolutely amazing and very fast in responding to emails.

Diana Padrigo Thambiaiah

Had a great learning experience. All the staff are very involved and supportive. I would recommend this school if you’re looking to upgrade your skills.

Aaron Husak

I would highly recommend this college . the teachers go above and beyond with one on one training , they go into depth on helping there students succeed in any industry. I cant thank you guys enough on the skills i now have in my industry of business. I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends and family.

Danika Breckenridge

Wonder place, wonderful people ❤


Great hands-on learning experience

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What are my career prospects?
How much is tuition?
When does the program start?
Am I eligible for financial aid?
What are my career prospects?

I understand that by submitting this form, I consent to be contacted by email, phone, text message, or any other form of communication by Career City College. My consent can be withdrawn at any time.