Business Management Diploma - Human Resources

Take the first step towards your career in human resource management.

Throughout Canada, there is a great need for competent business professionals who have the potential to work in a managerial capacity.

This program covers the fundamentals of working in any business environment, providing you with the managerial skills companies want.

The specialization in human resources allows you to further differentiate yourself in this competitive job market, setting you on the path to management success within the human resource management industry.

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Business Management Diploma - Human Resources Career Outcomes

Average Wage (Canada)


Number of Job Openings (Canada: 2019-2028)


*according to the Job Bank of Canada

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Course Overview

✔ Learn how to operate the most in-demand Microsoft Office programs (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Project)

✔ Master keyboarding

✔ Communicate effectively in the business environment

✔ Learn to market yourself and your company

✔ Perfect your customer service skills

✔ Understand proven Human Resource Management skills and techniques concerning Personnel Planning & Recruiting, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Rights & Labour Relations, Employee Safety & Health, and Strategic Management of Human Resources.


  • GEN100 – Strategies for Scholastic Success

This course introduces students to the post-secondary environment, sets expectations for the rest of the program and identifies the tools that are available to them in the program. It empowers students with the tools to take charge of their academic and lifelong success. It further helps to explore and develop their personal responsibility, self-motivation, interdependence, and self-esteem and to make wise choices that create successful results.

  • GEN110 – Keyboarding

    This course is designed to help students in developing, increasing, and refining their keyboarding skills, proofreading skills, speed, and accuracy. Students are given access to keyboarding software, and their progress is monitored daily.

  • BMD100 – Introduction to Information Technology

    This course introduces students to computers, computer technology and basic computer functions. It introduces file manipulation and the various and efficient uses of the internet.

  • BMD110 – Word Processing Core

    This course introduces students to word processing and Microsoft Word. It helps to develop skills in creating and manipulating highly functional documents.

  • BMD110 – Word Processing Advanced

    This course teaches students how to use various intermediate and advanced features to create and format business documents, including online forms and personalized mailings. Students also learn to collaborate with other users, create outlines, use master documents and work with long documents. Word Processing Core is the prerequisite.

  • BMD120 – Spreadsheets

    This course introduces students to spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel. You will learn how to work with different types of documents using a variety of core and intermediate features to create and edit professionally. manipulating highly functional spreadsheets.

  • BMD125 – Spreadsheets Advanced

    This course introduces students to advanced functions and features of spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheets Advanced teaches students how to work with sorting, pictures, graphs and other features of Microsoft Excel. It helps to develop advanced skills in creating and manipulating highly functional spreadsheets.

  • BMD140 – Design Principles and Presentation

    This course introduces students to basic design principles and Microsoft PowerPoint. It helps to develop skills in creating and manipulating highly functional multimedia presentations.

  • BMD150 – Email, Scheduling, & Calendars

    This course introduces students to email and Microsoft Outlook. It helps to develop skills in managing email, calendars, contacts, and tasks.

  • BMD160 – Business Language & Communication Skills

    This course introduces students to business English and communication in a business environment.

  • BMD165 – Business Writing

    This course is designed to provide students with all the information and practice they need to communicate effectively in the business world. Business Writing features a stronger focus on technology with a new chapter on drafting messages for electronic media, new cutting-edge business content including social media and e-portfolios focusing on grammar, vocabulary, and writing. You’ll discover how business communication differs from personal and social communication, and you’ll see how today’s companies use blogs, social networks, podcasts, virtual worlds, wikis, and other technologies.

  • BMD170 – Office Procedures

    This course introduces students to positive workplace values and various strategies and techniques to maximize productivity and efficiency in the workplace

  • BMD180 – Customer Relationship Management

    This course introduces students to customer relationship management and establishes the importance of customer service in relation to sales and business.

  • BMD190 – Records Management

    This course introduces students to systems related to managing records and office procedures as it applies to office machines and protocols.

  • BMD200 – Business Management & Entrepreneurship

    This course introduces students to the principles and practices required for business management and covers tactics used to motivate and manage people. This course follows the life-cycle of an entrepreneurial venture—from concept through implementation to harvesting or replication. It moves further into the entrepreneurial process—discussing the business plan and the unique aspects of managing and growing entrepreneurial ventures and small businesses.

  • BMD280 – Sales Strategies & Marketing

    This course introduces students to marketing and establishes the importance of sales strategies in marketing. Students learn high-performance sales strategies and effective ways to make that first critical hour deliver success.

  • GEN200 – Job Search and Career Planning

    This course introduces strategies for planning a career, including strength analysis, resume building and interview skills improvement.

Human Resources Specialization

  • BMD400 – Managing Strategic Human Resources

    This course introduces and provides students and practicing managers with a concise and thorough review of essential HR management concepts–including fundamental practices, methods, topics, and relevant legal findings. It offers opportunities to develop interpersonal skills and contribute to effective functioning in different organizational settings.

  • BMD410 – Personnel Planning & Recruiting

    This course introduces personnel planning, recruiting, and talent management framework in human resources management. It details the Workforce planning and selection process.

  • BMD420 – Compensation & Benefits

    This course introduces and provides knowledge in appraising and compensating employees. Performance management, incentive plans, and employee benefits are the other highlights of this course.

  • BMD430 – Employee Rights & Labour Relations

    This course introduces and provides knowledge in employee rights, safety, and labour relations. It details further on managing employee ethics, engagement, retention, fair treatment, and dealing with labour laws and unions.

  • BMD440 – Employee Safety & Health

    This course introduces and provides knowledge in employee safety and health. It also deals with workplace health hazards, problems and remedies.

  • BMD450 – Human Relations in Organizations

    This course emphasizes motivation and problem-solving in a group, developing the foundations of individual effectiveness and healthy, successful relationships in the workplace. Human Relations shows you how you can become more effective in your work and personal life and how to help get the best out of others.

  • BMD460 – Project Management Core

    This course gives the students the knowledge and practice to manage projects, project resources, task assignments and scheduling.

  • BMD462 – Project Management Advanced

    This course gives the students the knowledge and practice to manage projects, project resources, task assignments and scheduling.


  • ✔ Applicants must have completed grade 12 or equivalent or have mature student status (at least 19 years old). Applicants whose primary language is not English must also achieve a minimum of 60% on the CCC language assessment before enrolling. Program admission requirements may not be waived by the student or the institution.

Job Opportunities

By taking our program, you can qualify for the following positions:

✔ Human Resources Manager

✔ Human Resources Planning Manager

✔ Human Resources Advisor

✔ Recruiter

✔ Office Assistants

✔ Bank Clerks

✔ Receptionists

✔ Office Administrators

✔ Administrative Assistants

✔ Executive Assistant

✔ Office Managers

✔ Supervisors

*Source:  Government of Canada

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Student Success Stories

Jessica James

I highly recommend Career City College. The instructors are informative, helpful, and very quick to respond if you ever have a concern or a question that needs to be answered. The courses are outlined clearly on the tasks that need to be completed. The information provided helped me grow and learn new things that will help me in my career search. Thank you to Career City College for pushing me and thank you to all the wonderful instructors and staff that helped me along the way! Just an overall positive experience!

William May

Great staff, informative course material, this has been one of the most important moments in my re-education. Thanks to all that helped me directly and indirectly. I recommend this college for the great teaching from step one to the final step. Staff always helped when stuck or unsure of the steps to be taken. By far one of the best experiences while being educated. Thanks again to everyone! Keep up the exceptional work!

Jacira Rocha Fortes

I just finished my Accounting & Bookkeeping course at Career City College. This was the best decision I have ever made. Great program!!! The instructors (specially Phillip Allums and Kerresa Wright) went above and beyond to help me during my journey, replying to my e-mails on time and calling regularly to follow up with my studies and keep me motivated. If you want to invest in your future, Career City College is the way to go. It is definitely worth every cent!!! Thank you instructors and staff!!!

Bailey Riza

Great school especially for mature students who are working part time or have families. You can work at your pace and set your schedule. The instructors were easy to work with and the quality of the education was good as well.

Monique Carignan

Friendly staff. Really good program if you are working as well as wanting to take courses. you work on your own time and create your own schedule. would recommend!

Shayley McKee

Teachers were very helpful and so understanding. I had a rough year in my personal life & my teachers never gave up on me.

Emkay Kolsto

Wonderful courses. Staff are very friendly and always willing to help if you are ever unsure or stuck in an area. Lots of tools provided to help you. I always had questions, and the teachers responded quickly and provided documents to help you practice as well as understand the materials more. It is also such a positive, encouraging environment. Had a really pleasant time doing studies here.

Akeem Stewart

I started looking at online accounting courses and I found Career City College. My experience with the course was great. I was reassured along the way and the teachers were very helpful.. I am very pleased with the school and course and my overall experience!

SaintPeter Ori

Friendly and helpful staff. The courses are customized to meet the demands in the labour market. I found the courses very relevant in my job. It was an investment I was happy I made.

Brittany Spooner

I had a great experience with Career City College. The instructors were amazing and the course material was great.

Michael Loewen

Great instructors and staff. Great program!

Sabine W.

Very friendly staff and teachers! I went through a couple staff changes that slowed my studies down a bit, but this is not worth taking a star away from my rating. The career adviser is absolutely amazing and very fast in responding to emails.

Diana Padrigo Thambiaiah

Had a great learning experience. All the staff are very involved and supportive. I would recommend this school if you’re looking to upgrade your skills.

Aaron Husak

I would highly recommend this college . the teachers go above and beyond with one on one training , they go into depth on helping there students succeed in any industry. I cant thank you guys enough on the skills i now have in my industry of business. I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends and family.

Danika Breckenridge

Wonder place, wonderful people ❤


Great hands-on learning experience

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