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Start your accounting and bookkeeping career!

Begin your career in accounting, or upgrade your skills, by enrolling in the Bookkeeping Certificate program. We begin by teaching you the fundamentals of accounting. Then we show you how to utilize the latest software to streamline your work! Learn how to use the most popular programs such as QuickBooks or Sage (Simply Accounting). You don’t have to be good at math!

The Accounting & Bookkeeping Certificate was reviewed and approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

Available Online, On Campus, or both!

Course Overview

  • Have confidence by learning and applying Accounting Fundamentals
  • Learn how to operate Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook
  • We teach you how to effectively use QuickBooks
  • Supplement your skill set with Sage (Simply Accounting) training
  • Learn how to create and modify accounting records
  • Enter, report, and adjust business transactions
  • Understand a full year’s business cycle
  • Become well-versed in Canadian Payroll

BMD110 - Word Processing Core
This course introduces students to word processing and to Microsoft Word. It helps to develop skills in creating and manipulating highly functional documents.

BMD120 - Spreadsheets
This course introduces students to spreadsheets and to Microsoft Excel. You will learn how to work with different types of documents using a variety of core and intermediate features to create and edit professional-looking spreadsheets for a variety of purposes and situations. It also helps to develop skills in creating and manipulating highly functional spreadsheets.

BMD150 - Email, Scheduling, & Calendars
This course introduces students to email and to Microsoft Outlook. It helps to develop skills in managing email, calendars, contacts, and tasks.

BMD305 - Accounting Fundamentals Core
This course provides students with a strong foundation in bookkeeping basics. Students are given extensive practice in the rules of debits and credits, transaction analysis, month end duties, adjusting entries, closing entries, and financial statements.

BMD315 - Accounting Fundamentals Advanced
This course furthers the learning of accounting fundamentals and covers more advanced bookkeeping techniques, and introduces students to management accounting. Also, this course prepares students to perform intermediate bookkeeping functions and further ads to the foundational bookkeeping concepts applied in other courses.

BMD330 - Sage Accounting Core
This course introduces students to Sage 50 Accounting (previously known as Simply Accounting). It instructs students on how to perform daily accounting tasks in the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll.

BMD335 - Sage Accounting Advanced
This course introduces students to the advanced features of Sage 50 Accounting (previously known as Simply Accounting). Students will learn how to use restore and backup features, setup security featuers, setup the use of credit cards, use of filters, and many more advanced functions and features of Sage 50.

BMD220 - QuickBooks Core
This course introduces students to computerized bookkeeping with QuickBooks. It also gives students step by step instructions on how to set up a company from scratch. It teaches students how to perform daily accounting tasks in the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and payroll.

BMD325 - QuickBooks Advanced
This course is a continuation of QuickBooks Core and introduces some of the more advanced functions and capabilities of QuickBooks. Students will learn how to create company files, and deal with more advanced tasks for receivables, payables, inventory, and payroll.

BMD350 - Canadian Payroll
This course provides students a detailed introduction to doing payroll in Canada. The course covers calculation of regular individual pay along with termination payments. Students will also learn to complete a Record of Employment (ROE) and also become familiar with payroll compliance legislation and payroll fundamentals.

GEN200 - Job Search and Career Planning
This course shares the latest techniques to find jobs efficiently and effectively. This course teaches you how to develop your profile and brand, seek advertised and unadvertised positions, network successfully to broaden your circle, and work with recruiting professionals. This course also turns non-interviewers into good interviewers. This course will help you sharpen such skill as open-ended questioning, active listening, and reading body language – all essential in a variety of both interview and job situations.

Admission Requirements:

  • Applicants must have completed grade 12 or equivalent, or have mature student status (at least 19 years old).
  • Applicants whose primary language is not English must also achieve a minimum of 60% on the CCC language assessment prior to enrolling.

By taking our courses, you can qualify for the following positions:

  • Accounting Bookkeeper
  • Accounting Technician
  • Bookkeeper
  • Bookkeeping Clerk
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Payroll Assistant
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Finance Officer

Source:  Government of Canada

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